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Hangin' with Hengyi - Houston Zoo

We received the most thoughtful wood carving that was handmade with love from Jim Mudroch. This beautiful sign is a symbol of hope, love, strength and courage in honor of Jim and Cindy’s son Robbie’s life. It would be impossible to put into words what this gift has meant to us since we met them 4 years ago and have gotten to know them so well. They are so thoughtful and generous and Jim himself is also battling cancer.

Our connections have reached to include other cancer patients now like Hengyi. What a joy it is to see Jim and Cindy be able to turn their grief and loss into service in helping others. They recently took our JuCan friend, Hengyi and his mom, to the zoo for a day of fun and to be able to take their minds off the arduous chemotherapy and radiation treatments that Hengyi is getting. This was their son’s favorite place and they were able to selflessly push past their own loss in order to make someone else’s day. Isn’t that what life is about: helping and loving others? That’s the JuCan spirit!!!!!

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