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"Not So Lone Wolf" Podcast

We have exciting news! Julia Cobb's brother, Jonathan launched a new podcast today. You will be encouraged and inspired! Go take a listen and leave him some positive feedback! Be sure to follow him for future episodes.

Spotify - "Not So Lone Wolf" with Jonathan D. Cobb

Podcast - "Not So Lone Wolf" with Jonathan D. Cobb

"Hey! My name is Jonathan Cobb (@jonathandcobb on Instagram) and I want to welcome you to my podcast. As a brother to a sister who passed from cancer, a man who walked 4,000 miles across America, and a follower of Christ, I am here to say that life is challenging. However, we are never alone and there is comfort in that. In this podcast, I share my journey through college, faith, and life. I explore the feelings of fear, frustration, and doubt that can come from taking the high road, but ultimately explain the rewards that come from doing so. My hope is that you leave each episode feeling encouraged, inspired, and ready to take on the world.

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