If you can dream it, JuCan do it! 

Epic Disneyland to Disney World Walk 

Started from Magic Kingdom on 

AUGUST 6th, 2014


The Dream

Magical Journey from Magic Kingdom to the Next Join the Cobb Family on our journey to walk across America from Disneyland to Disney World to raise awareness and fund research for pediatric cancer while honoring God and our eight-year-old angel Julia Cobb, who passed away from a rare cancer called, Ewing’s sarcoma. We desire to use our loss as a way to highlight the devastating toll of cancer—the leading cause of death among children. Our family of five—the original Team JuCan—will be attempting the impossible. Jonathan (Julia’s dad and cancer survivor), Jennifer (mom), Jonathan (brother, twelve), Jenna (sister, ten), & Jaxi (sister, three) will walk from Disneyland in Anaheim, California, to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This is a journey of 3,600+ miles ON FOOT!

Walk with Us

If JuCan find us…UCAN walk with us!

Join the Cobb family on the road and walk with us! Organize a special group (school, church, business) to walk with us through YOUR city!



The Cause

An astounding forty-two children will be diagnosed with cancer today (40,000+ this year), and the average age of death for a child with cancer is eight. Pediatric cancer research continues to be grossly underfunded, and of the miniscule funds appropriated to children, a rare cancer such as Ewing’s sarcoma gets nearly nothing. The JuCan Foundation was founded to raise money for cancer research and awareness, with an emphasis on pediatric cancer. Our family is delivering a “UCan” message of hope across America to others who are fighting cancer. Cancer has stolen both of our mothers and now our child, but we are fighting back. When our daughter Julia was first diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, her daddy, Jonathan, told her, “The first three letters in the word cancer are ‘CAN’. You do what you CAN do and God will take care of what you can’t do.” Combining her nickname “Ju” with the empowering “Can” led to JuCan, and her encouraging mantra became “JuCan-UCan-GODCAN”.

Get Involved

Join the Dream Team

  • Consider a tax-deductible contribution to the JuCan Foundation. We will be traveling for the better part of a year and will need a Class A RV that will accommodate all five of us in order to sleep on the road. We also need support for food, fuel, and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Join the JuCan Dream Team. Help us in planning the logistics and other exciting aspects of our journey from California to Florida.
  • Follow #JuCan & the #Disney2Disney Walk on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Make plans to be at the Kickoff in DisneyLand (07.31.14) or in our arrival in Disney World.
  • Track the walk through our website and JOIN US on the “happy” trail!
  • Make a donation in honor of a friend or family member.


Why Disney

The Cobb family trips to Disneyland and Disney World in 2013 were invaluable experiences that we shared with Julia during her fight with cancer. Throughout Julia’s intense two-year battle with Ewing’s sarcoma, she endured over thirty chemotherapy treatments, forty radiation treatments, two surgeries, and a stem cell transplant.  During that time, a wonderful celebrity who was touched by Julia’s spirit gifted our family with a trip to Disneyland. This trip was the last time that Ju would have carefree fun and run on two legs, chasing her siblings from ride to ride; soon after, we traveled to St. Jude for what would turn out to be the toughest part of Ju’s journey.  After Julia’s stem cell transplant, her bone cancer came on with a vengeance, and she became quite ill. The oncologist at St. Jude arranged for our family to take the Make-A-Wish trip that we never dreamed possible.  Within days, we were off to the Magic Kingdom of Disney World, where Julia had the week of her life!  She felt great all week and left us with magical memories that we will never forget.  Julia awoke on the last day of her trip with an unexplained fever.  We took her to the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital, and that was where our baby girl transitioned into Glory. Julia went from one Kingdom to the next, which is exactly what we will do on our journey across America. Even though our journey seems impossible, she would say, “JuCan-UCan-TheCobbFamilyCan!”

Hold a #JuCan Walk

You and your friends can hold your own event in support of our goal to raise $413,000.00+ for Pediatric Cancer Research. Contact us to share your idea. Pediatric Cancer Awareness month is September. This is great opportunity to create awareness among your group and take action to help!

Meet the Cobb Family

Walking Across America

Jonathan Cobb

Jonathan Cobb

Husband, Father of 4, Duodenal Cancer Survivor, Pastor, Speaker, The first 3 letters in CANcer!

Jennifer Cobb

Jennifer Cobb

Wife, Mother of 4, Vice President of JuCan Foundation

Jonathan David Cobb

Jonathan David Cobb

Jaxi Cobb

Jaxi Cobb

Jenna Cobb

Jenna Cobb

Age:11 - Quiet determination of the loudest kind! Jenna walking across America for her BFF and sister, Julia!

Age:8 - Inspired the #Disney2Disney Walk Across America, Founder - JuCan Foundation, Ju put the first 3 letters in CANcer - #JuCan

Prancer (Prannie) #PrancerCan

Prancer (Prannie) #PrancerCan

15 year old Golden Retriever, diagnosed 3 Cobb family members with cancer, velcro, a furry angel with paws

We are saddened to announce that we had to put Prancer down in Brookhaven, MS in March. She missed her 15th birthday by just a few days. She guided us through the most challenging parts of our walk across America and now rests with an angel named, Julia.

California to Florida - Coast to Coast - The Step By Step

14 States – 200+ Cities
Anaheim, California- Disneyland/Downtown Disney (starting point)- 08.06.14
Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia,
Florida –
Final Destination – Disney World/Downtown Disney – Kissimmee, Florida
*Arrival Date: 03.17.15 (St. Patrick’s Day)

*Subject to change – please refer to the website for updates


JuCan Sponsor

Families Fighting Cancer – Awareness for Cancer, the #1 Disease Among Children and Adolescents – Research 

230 days – 19,872,000 seconds – 331,200 minutes -5520 hours – 32 weeks – 7 months 18 days

JuCan do it!


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