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4,000 Mile Walk Across America

The Cobb family became the 1st family to walk across America on June 21st, 2015

Sharing the Magic of Kindness
With Families Fighting CANcer

New JuCan Office

We are proud to announce a new home office location for the JuCan Foundation. Our new office is located in the Clear Lake, Bay Area, Webster area(s) of Texas. This beautiful complex is home to Vinyl Draught Radio and The Kelly Williams Show to name just a couple....

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Not So Hidden Mickey

Thank you to the staff, and members of Bellevue Baptist Church of Nashville of Nashville for hosting the Cobb Family & #JuCanFoundation this weekend! It was an honor to share the #JuliaCobb journey through #EwingsSarcoma and to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of our...

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