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It’s ALL about you! 

The reason why the JuCan Foundation was founded, is due to an 8 year old girl’s big dream & vision to help others who were/are fighting cancer. If our founder, Julia Cobb were here, she would quickly deflect a conversation about her cancer and turn the conversation towards YOU! She would also tell you, “If JuCan, UCan!”

We would love to know more about your family and your journey through cancer  and/or other challenges.

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We want to Help

There’s no “I” in cancer and we would love to help YOUR family! We CAN help and/or connect you with other resources also.  The cancer journey is often a long and tedious process, and to this end, we partner with many other organizations to help you through the process.  Please contact us at 888.995.8226 or email to request support.