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Get Involved – Join #TeamJuCan

Here’s a current list of areas of help needed in the #TeamJuCan #Disney2Disney #JuCanWalkAcrossAmerica:

1. RV– We are currently searching for a sponsor for a Class A RV – Please share our contact info with any interested parties. The RV will need to be professionally  wrapped with our corporate sponsors logos.  If you know of someone who does this type of work, please contact us as soon as possible.

2. JuCan representatives are needed in your state/city/town. Although we may not walk directly through your city, you can still support the walk by having a “JuCan Magical Walk” in your area to create awareness for pediatric cancer and raise funds to support the research effort. In some circumstances, the Cobb family “may” be able to drive to a nearby location that is holding a fundraising event, if it is near the location we are passing through. If you would like to represent your city/town/organization, please contact us.

3. HOUSTON HELP – We need a person/team to help with processing #JuCan apparel orders (receiving/packaging/shipping). The Cobb family will be on the road for 7-10 months, with limited access at times to post offices, and help is needed to process these orders in a timely manner.

4. Social Media – Everyone can help by sharing our social media pages, website and other important information about our journey.  Please reach out to your newspaper, television, radio and other important resources in order to help get the word out!

5. WALK WITH US – The more people that walk with us, the more awareness for the cause is created. Please take time to “find us” on the map and walk with us. It will be hard to predict exact dates for when we will be walking through your city/town, so please check social media for updates on our location. If you can find us….you can walk with us!!! We would LOVE TO HAVE YOUR FAMILY WALK ALONGSIDE US IN SUPPORT.

6. Safe stations for the #JuCan RV- It will be a daily search on the road for locations that we can safely park our RV and rest after a long day of walking.  We will be searching for churches, homes, and other key points along our path. If you have suggestions, please email us with contact info. You can view the city locations to see an approx. route.

7. We would be honored to have you and your family join us for the kickoff at Disneyland on *July 31st, 2014 and celebrate our arrival in a Disney World #JuCanDIDit VICTORY PARTY on/or about *March 17th, 2015. Please note that these dates are subject to change and you can keep informed by following our progress through the website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 


Project Details
#JuCan #Disney2Disney #JuCanWalkAcrossAmerica

Contact: Jennifer Cobb – 888.995.8226 (
Date: Thursday, July 31st, 2014 – March/April – 2015
Volunteers Needed

Kids Helping Kids

The #TeamJuCanKids movement is by far the most powerful voice! Your voice, no matter how young, can be heard. Organize the kids in your group to support the pediatric cancer cure and awareness by holding a lemonade stand, bake sale, a #JuCan walk at your school, church, dance class, karate class, girl/boy scouts, or create your own idea. Please share your pictures and plans with us at 

Contact Us with Your Idea

The Walk Across America from Disneyland to Disney World will take more than 8 months. Consider holding a special concert or benefit in your community, to create awareness and support our walk. If possible, the Cobb family would love to attend.

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