Remembering Julia Cobb’s 11th Birthday – St. Patrick’s Day – Galveston Walk

Remembering Julia Cobb’s 11th Birthday – St. Patrick’s Day – Galveston Walk

March 17th would have been Julia’s 11th birthday. On this special “St. JuCan Day,” we honor the life of our founder, Julia (JuCan) Cobb. Julia loved Galveston Beach and shared several birthday’s at The Pleasure Pier and the beach.


Join the Cobb family & Team JuCan in a 4.13 mile walk of love and life to honor Julia and other families fighting cancer. We encourage you to wear purple/green/gold (Julia’s fave colors) and/or go to www.ShopJuCan to purchase a “JuCan” shirt! Please meet in front of “The Pleasure Pier” at 3:30 PM, as we begin our walk to celebrate & remember Julia’s birthday and other families fighting cancer. Our walk will be followed by dinner at 6:30 PM at FISH TALES (yes, Julia ate their too).


Where to meet: In front of “The Pleasure Pier” at 3:30 PM.
What to wear: JuCan shirt, or something purple/green (ShopJuCan.Com)
What to bring: poster, signs, anything to celebrate Julia!


Please consider a donation on St. Patrick’s Day in honor of Julia. You gift ensures that her life and legacy of helping others will continue through her foundation. 100% the monies raised support the mission of JuCan.

Suggested special gifts to honor Julia:
$11.00 (11th Birthday)
$14.13, $40.13, $413.00 (Phil. 4:13)
$17.00 (St. Patrick’s Day)
$365.00 (number of days Julia smiled through treatment)

If you would like to be involved as an individual or a sponsor, please contact, Jennifer Cobb at or call 888.995.8226. Donations can also be made through the website at or by mailing a check to:

JuCan Foundation (Non-Profit 501c3)
9659 N Sam Houston Pkwy E
Suite 150 Box 239
Humble, Texas 77396

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope @JuCanFoundation

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Day 286: T.G.I.M (Thank God It’s Monday)

Day 286: T.G.I.M (Thank God It’s Monday)

Day 286: 5/18
T.G.I.M.= Thank God It’s Monday!!! Team JuCan ‪#‎CobbFamCan‬ is on a 4,000 mile walk across America and we are passionate about children suffering from the #1 cause of death by disease in America- CANcer! Today, 43 children (on average) will be told they have cancer. Every day we get emails, Facebook updates, and we see faces of children who will never know an end of the year school field trip to the zoo, or a trip to Washington DC, a high school graduation or prom, never get married or have kids. Some of these children are “only children”; miracle adoptions from over seas. Some are the child their parents never thought they could conceive. All are battling a disease that I liken to a salmon swimming upriver to spawn. Many make the journey across thousands of miles against a monstrous current, but only a few survive. Isn’t it time to slow the current and increase the survival? Is it fair that the average age of a child at cancer diagnosis is 6 and the average age of death is 8?
As the school year wraps up and people begin their family vacations, please
don’t forget to support the children who won’t know whether it’s summer, winter,
spring or fall. Their routine will look the same: hospital visits, blood work, cultures, stem cell transplants, vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, radiation, brain surgery, anesthesia, CT scans, MRI’s, X-rays, drinking barium cocktails, swallowing nasty pills, and long waits to visit their doctors to get bad news….

No matter what your Monday looks like, thank God it’s Monday and you have a chance to make the most of your week! Encourage someone today and better yet, make a donation to help ‪#‎endchildhoodcancer‬ ‪#‎morethan4‬
‪#‎JuCan‬ – UCan- GODCAN ‪#‎CanNow‬
‪#‎JuCanWalk‬ ‪#‎WalkAcrossAmerica‬
To help us reach our goal to raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer, please visit

Day 223: Petal, Mississippi

Day 223: Petal, Mississippi

Day 223: 3/16

We can’t tell you how great it has been to feel the love from Petal, Mississippi! The entire town rallied around our family and we had about 100 people walk through downtown Petal with Team #JuCan on our #WalkAcrossAmerica! The Petal Police And Fire Departments gave us a huge escort that included a 4 mile loop around the city and the lead officer set an ambitious pace of a 10:30 mile!!! LOL Even the #CobbFamCan was out of breath:))).

As we were rounding the first block, I learned that one of the officers had also lost his 8 year old son to leukemia about 5 years ago. He was also treated at St. Jude. I ran back to where he was directing traffic in an attempt to console him. All I could do was say how sorry I was as we both looked at one another with tears streaming down our faces. I could tell his pain was still so fresh and my heart hurt for him. I couldn’t help but think of the tough veneer of a man who serves in one of the highest callings to protect people; a man who wears a bullet proof vest and carries weapons; but also a man so vulnerable to the fear, pain, hopelessness and helplessness of not being ABLE to protect his own son from invincible cancer. I stood there in a moment of complete relativity and compassion for this policeman to whom I could completely relate. There were no words that were adequate to explain my empathy for his loss, but I think my tears said a thousand words. It was a moment I will never forget…

We wanted to thank the entire city for showing us such love and support for our cause for pediatric cancer. We were surprised and encouraged to receive a proclamation from Mayor Hal Marx on March 14, 2015! Jonathan and I skipped off on a triple dinner date Curtis, Diane, Gina and Robert Barding. That hasn’t happened in…..too long to remember! What a treat!

We attended Macedonia Baptist Church Sunday morning and Pastor Shane Freeman invited us to speak Sunday evening. The entire church reached out to us in the most amazing way, just as they have for the last three years that they have prayed for Ju and our family. We shared our story about Julia and and they had a loaded baked potato supper that followed! Almost everyone bought a JuCan MississippiCan shirt and people won raffles and re-raffled items 4-5 times until they raised almost $10,000 for the JuCan Foundation!!! If you live near Petal and don’t have a church home, you need Macedonia Baptist Church!

On Monday we spoke at the Rotary Club and couldn’t believe that Kevin Lewis, a Hattiesburg architect was there. He approached us afterward with a donation and said he had built the ALSAC building as well as the Danny Thomas Memorial at St. Jude!!! Wow!!! We couldn’t believe it! He also met with us at his office to start planning and brainstorming what our desires were for the #JuCanCastle in Houston. He is very excited and wants to be on the JuCan Castle Dream Team!!! We can’t wait to see his vision on paper! Ju’s dream and our prayers are coming together:).

We also had the distinct honor of going and touring the Forest General Cancer Center where Curtis receives all of his local treatments when he is not at MD Anderson. The staff and doctors were so welcoming and excited about our journey across America! It was so refreshing to stay and talk with a patient who was a nurse who trained nurses that are now treating him! That’s what I call “quality control”! He had a great sense of humor, charisma, empathy and wisdom that can’t be bought.

A special shout-out to Raymond Kitchens and the team at Goodyear in Petal, MS for servicing the #JuBurban and adding new tires to our trailer. Our chase vehicle (Chevrolet, Suburban) has put on more than 18,000 miles in keeping a close eye on the Cobb family walk!!! We would also like to thank Bourne Brothers Printing in Hattiesburg for helping the #JuCanFoundation with various printing needs. All of these things work together to spread the peditric cancer awareness message! We are taking awareness coast to coast and we WILL NOT relent in our cry to the NCI to step up funding for our children #MoreThan4

What an honor to have met the people of Petal, Mississippi, who embody their nickname “the friendly city.” Our Day 223 is dedicated to AML survivor, Curtis Reed, of Petal, Mississippi!!! -Jennifer Cobb

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Day 230: Prancer, the “Service Dog”

Day 230: Prancer, the “Service Dog”

Prannie gave new meaning to the word devoted. She fell five days short of her 15th birthday and in our eyes she will be forever 15.

Prannie was an exceptional dog right from the start. We adopted her from the Golden Retriever Rescue of South Florida. We were not even supposed to have her. We had gotten a call to adopt the red female we were looking for after we had already adopted a blonde male golden. Prannie would prove to help her big Brother Ellis through his issues and coach him into a short 3 year life of love and trust for men.

Prancer had her own issues. She was a Jekyll and Hyde and played Jekyll when she agreed to jump in our backseat and ride home with us March 18, 2001. The next morning I awoke to a note left from my husband saying, “This dog is crazy!!! Take her back.” Come to find out, he had quarantined her to the kitchen and because she had been crated for the first whole year of her life, she had confinement issues. But we didn’t figure all of that out til later. Nor did that help the three hours that my husband and Prannie had a backyard standoff in the pouring South Florida rain while she refused to use the bathroom. She finally got loose and the wild buck took off (as she always did even years later) and he went chasing after her. He tripped over a sprinkler head in the dark and broke his big toe. I have always been convicted that when you commit to a pet, you keep that pet till the day they die. I told him if he wanted to get rid of her, HE had to take her back! That never happened, and it was the best decision we ever made.

Prannie had neurotic tendencies and I’m convinced she had a smidgen of border collie in her because she herded the children all the time and was not content until everyone was home. She defied Golden Retriever laws in that she didn’t care more about food than people. Once the last of the family chicks were home, mother hen would go to her bowl and eat. She never broke her own rule!

Prancer was so in tune with her family that few people can believe that she alerted us to Jonathan, Julia and Ma D’s cancers! Dogs are being trained to detect cancer, but she was a natural- never trained to do that. She would sit down (in 2006) in front of Jonathan and stare intently as if she was trying to tell him something. We had her checked out and she was fine, so he had himself checked out and he in fact was not fine. His cancer was detected early thanks to researching the symptoms that my mom had two months earlier. In researching her symptoms, and Prannie acting funny, he was led to the doctor where he would be diagnosed with the same rare duodenal cancer as my mom had! She would repeat this behavior over and over again for both Julia and Ma D who would both be diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma bone cancer and Grade 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer respectively. In addition, she alerted Jonathan the night before I was to go into labor with all four of our children. Thanks to Prannie, our bags were packed and the camcorder was charged.

We felt safe, we felt protected, and anyone who met Prannie knows she was a heaven sent furry angel who guided us through the worst of times. She never left Julia’s side all throughout treatment- faithfully splitting her time between MaD and Ju’s bedrooms. She slept during the day and deputized herself, pacing back and forth all night from room to room so as to be able to alert us if anything was wrong. She sat with Jonathan day after day during his cancer recovery as he sat slumped over with nausea. She would sit up with him and keep him company all night in Memphis while he was worried about and separated from Ju who was inpatient at the hospital.

Prannie’s health was failing, but her spirit was always strong. Though her central nervous system gave out and she seemingly had a [rare] stroke Saturday, she ate better than ever and continued to encourage us to keep on. It was heartbreaking to see her in such despair and we decided the best gift to give her was a release to go be with Ju and Ma D. The hole in our heart(s) just grew a little larger.

This life is HARD!!!! It is not for the faint of heart. Even God warned that we would have troubles….. We told the kids that part of living is dying. Although they “never want another dog because no one would be as great as Prannie”, we know that every CANine is the BEST PUP EVER and the joy that Prannie brought to us has far outweighed the heavy tears we are crying right now. Although we are sad, distraught, lonely, and forlorn, we know that Prannie has completed her mission here- the best “service dog” ever- and she has already made it to the Magic Kingdom! She has crossed over the rainbow bridge, found her pot of gold, and just like in my dream last night, she is walking again!

We received many signs on our #WalkAcrossAmerica today dedicated to her. The most impressive sign of all was the red heart Jenna and I found stuck to the gas station pavement. As I was bending down to take a picture, my alarm sounded at 4:13! My angel Ju was letting me know that she has Prannie. What greater comfort is there? -Jennifer Cobb – Forever #PrancerCan #StreetsOfSynoviTreats
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