Day 218: 3/11
‪#‎CobbFamCan‬ went to Ochsner for Children today to visit Arthur This is a 17-year-old teenager with metastatic Ewing’s sarcoma, the same type of cancer as our Julia had. Arthur’s mom, Sherry, reached out to me weeks ago when she heard we were coming to New Orleans, Louisiana. She shared with me today about how amazing she thinks our family is for turning our tragic situation into a positive one to help others. We think SHE is truly amazing- calm under pressure, loving and genuine! What a blessing to be able to help someone else through their trials.

These visits are my favorite thing about our ‪#‎WalkAcrossAmerica‬. A walk across America is not good if it’s only self-serving. Our family decided early on that we would keep the goal in mind of helping others along the way. While it may not be a sprint to the finish line, we have the luxury of walking at our own pace and being able to make stops for people- they matter the most! Please pray for Arthur as he begins radiation tomorrow following a surgery he had a couple weeks ago. We are behind Arthur’s Army 100%!

We were given a tour by Child Life Specialist, Whitney, who was great to us and so flexible and inviting. It was very surprising to have four pediatric oncologists spend two hours intermittently between appointments with our family just to sit and talk about medical advances with pediatric cancer and Ewing’s sarcoma. We were all impressed with their knowledge of studies and clinical trials available.

Ochsner medical center is a fine institution for pediatric cancer care! We talked to nurses who all have a passion and drive for helping children. They were all very kind, listened intently, and shared from their hearts about the real struggles with pediatric cancer among patients and families. Many of them were already ironically following our journey! The social worker we met is even sisters with Ju’s nurse, Ashley Kerr, at MD Anderson Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas. What a small world! The upside to the technology era is having the capability to snap a surprise selfie and text it to a person and surprise them before they can even blink!
While we were there, we got to partake in a dual birthday party/no mo chemo party for a little baby boy. We got to sing happy birthday and join in on his celebration (cake included!!!). We had many Ju sightings today that remind us that she is ever present! The pediatric patients are allowed to paint ceiling tiles and some stood out among the rest. We saw Fantasia Mickey and Mickey everywhere!!! We saw hearts, rainbows, and pumpkins (Ju’s favorite holiday was Halloween). But the biggest sign of all was the Mickey Mouse ceiling tile that had the name “Julia” in rainbow colored letters! Of course somebody else’s child painted that ceiling tile as it was dated 2009, but for all of you believers, you understand the sign and the meaning behind that tile. It is when and where you see things that tell you that your angel is with you. We have no doubt that Ju goes before us, behind us and with us. Today was no exception! Ju never wanted to be left out and always hated to miss the party! -Jennifer
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