Day 230: Prancer, the “Service Dog”

Day 230: Prancer, the “Service Dog”

Prannie gave new meaning to the word devoted. She fell five days short of her 15th birthday and in our eyes she will be forever 15.

Prannie was an exceptional dog right from the start. We adopted her from the Golden Retriever Rescue of South Florida. We were not even supposed to have her. We had gotten a call to adopt the red female we were looking for after we had already adopted a blonde male golden. Prannie would prove to help her big Brother Ellis through his issues and coach him into a short 3 year life of love and trust for men.

Prancer had her own issues. She was a Jekyll and Hyde and played Jekyll when she agreed to jump in our backseat and ride home with us March 18, 2001. The next morning I awoke to a note left from my husband saying, “This dog is crazy!!! Take her back.” Come to find out, he had quarantined her to the kitchen and because she had been crated for the first whole year of her life, she had confinement issues. But we didn’t figure all of that out til later. Nor did that help the three hours that my husband and Prannie had a backyard standoff in the pouring South Florida rain while she refused to use the bathroom. She finally got loose and the wild buck took off (as she always did even years later) and he went chasing after her. He tripped over a sprinkler head in the dark and broke his big toe. I have always been convicted that when you commit to a pet, you keep that pet till the day they die. I told him if he wanted to get rid of her, HE had to take her back! That never happened, and it was the best decision we ever made.

Prannie had neurotic tendencies and I’m convinced she had a smidgen of border collie in her because she herded the children all the time and was not content until everyone was home. She defied Golden Retriever laws in that she didn’t care more about food than people. Once the last of the family chicks were home, mother hen would go to her bowl and eat. She never broke her own rule!

Prancer was so in tune with her family that few people can believe that she alerted us to Jonathan, Julia and Ma D’s cancers! Dogs are being trained to detect cancer, but she was a natural- never trained to do that. She would sit down (in 2006) in front of Jonathan and stare intently as if she was trying to tell him something. We had her checked out and she was fine, so he had himself checked out and he in fact was not fine. His cancer was detected early thanks to researching the symptoms that my mom had two months earlier. In researching her symptoms, and Prannie acting funny, he was led to the doctor where he would be diagnosed with the same rare duodenal cancer as my mom had! She would repeat this behavior over and over again for both Julia and Ma D who would both be diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma bone cancer and Grade 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer respectively. In addition, she alerted Jonathan the night before I was to go into labor with all four of our children. Thanks to Prannie, our bags were packed and the camcorder was charged.

We felt safe, we felt protected, and anyone who met Prannie knows she was a heaven sent furry angel who guided us through the worst of times. She never left Julia’s side all throughout treatment- faithfully splitting her time between MaD and Ju’s bedrooms. She slept during the day and deputized herself, pacing back and forth all night from room to room so as to be able to alert us if anything was wrong. She sat with Jonathan day after day during his cancer recovery as he sat slumped over with nausea. She would sit up with him and keep him company all night in Memphis while he was worried about and separated from Ju who was inpatient at the hospital.

Prannie’s health was failing, but her spirit was always strong. Though her central nervous system gave out and she seemingly had a [rare] stroke Saturday, she ate better than ever and continued to encourage us to keep on. It was heartbreaking to see her in such despair and we decided the best gift to give her was a release to go be with Ju and Ma D. The hole in our heart(s) just grew a little larger.

This life is HARD!!!! It is not for the faint of heart. Even God warned that we would have troubles….. We told the kids that part of living is dying. Although they “never want another dog because no one would be as great as Prannie”, we know that every CANine is the BEST PUP EVER and the joy that Prannie brought to us has far outweighed the heavy tears we are crying right now. Although we are sad, distraught, lonely, and forlorn, we know that Prannie has completed her mission here- the best “service dog” ever- and she has already made it to the Magic Kingdom! She has crossed over the rainbow bridge, found her pot of gold, and just like in my dream last night, she is walking again!

We received many signs on our #WalkAcrossAmerica today dedicated to her. The most impressive sign of all was the red heart Jenna and I found stuck to the gas station pavement. As I was bending down to take a picture, my alarm sounded at 4:13! My angel Ju was letting me know that she has Prannie. What greater comfort is there? -Jennifer Cobb – Forever #PrancerCan #StreetsOfSynoviTreats
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Happy #StJuCan Day

Happy #StJuCan Day

Happy ‪#‎StPatricksDay‬ Today is ‪#‎StJuCanDay‬ and Ju is having her heavenly 10th birthday. I like to think she was “lucky” and got to go to heaven first!!! We miss her more than our own breath on a winter’s day, but each day we ask ourselves, “WWJD: What Would Ju Do?”

One of her million nicknames was “party girl” and justly so. Ju never missed a party or a reason to celebrate, bring joy, cheer or a smile to anyone’s day. I have no doubt that she will be showing up and showing out today on her day when “it’s all about her.”

We will be doing our best to honor her on our ‪#‎WalkAcrossAmerica‬ on our stop in Petal, Mississippi to visit and walk with her good friend and CANcer warrior, Curtis Reed.
We are asking everyone to WEAR THEIR GREEN OR PURPLE ‪#‎JuCan‬ SHIRTS TODAY and send a picture to and/or hashtag #JuCan You can follow & post on Instagram also @JuCanFoundation

(Picture from Julia’s Make-A-Wish trip to ‪#‎DisneyWorld‬ ‪#‎MagicKingdom‬ ‪#‎GrandFloridian‬ October 2013) We will honor Julia’s special day with a trip to see her favorite princess movie ‪#‎Cinderella‬

#StJuCanDay – 03-17-15 – In Memory of Julia #JuCan Cobb’s 10th Birthday

#StJuCanDay – 03-17-15 – In Memory of Julia #JuCan Cobb’s 10th Birthday

#JuCan #StJuCanDay #TeamJuCan #GoinGreen4Ju

Tuesday, March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day and it would have been Julia’s 10th birthday! Please join the Cobb family as we honor and celebrate Julia’s #JuTastic life by creating a little #JuCan #JuMania in YOUR city! Go green, purple, or wear your favorite #JuCan shirt on St. Patrick’s Day!

The Cobb family will commemorate Julia’s special day by attending the new movie, #Cinderella (Ju’s favorite princess). Our Day: 224 #Disney2Disney #WalkAcrossAmerica is also dedicated to Julia T. Cobb. WE LOVE AND MISS YOU JU!

PLEASE share your #StJuCan day pics & shout-out with us by email at We would like to create a special #StJuCanDay FB photo album and share your picture.

Day 218: #Disney2Disney Walk Honors “Arthur’s Army”

Day 218: #Disney2Disney Walk Honors “Arthur’s Army”

Day 218: 3/11
‪#‎CobbFamCan‬ went to Ochsner for Children today to visit Arthur This is a 17-year-old teenager with metastatic Ewing’s sarcoma, the same type of cancer as our Julia had. Arthur’s mom, Sherry, reached out to me weeks ago when she heard we were coming to New Orleans, Louisiana. She shared with me today about how amazing she thinks our family is for turning our tragic situation into a positive one to help others. We think SHE is truly amazing- calm under pressure, loving and genuine! What a blessing to be able to help someone else through their trials.

These visits are my favorite thing about our ‪#‎WalkAcrossAmerica‬. A walk across America is not good if it’s only self-serving. Our family decided early on that we would keep the goal in mind of helping others along the way. While it may not be a sprint to the finish line, we have the luxury of walking at our own pace and being able to make stops for people- they matter the most! Please pray for Arthur as he begins radiation tomorrow following a surgery he had a couple weeks ago. We are behind Arthur’s Army 100%!

We were given a tour by Child Life Specialist, Whitney, who was great to us and so flexible and inviting. It was very surprising to have four pediatric oncologists spend two hours intermittently between appointments with our family just to sit and talk about medical advances with pediatric cancer and Ewing’s sarcoma. We were all impressed with their knowledge of studies and clinical trials available.

Ochsner medical center is a fine institution for pediatric cancer care! We talked to nurses who all have a passion and drive for helping children. They were all very kind, listened intently, and shared from their hearts about the real struggles with pediatric cancer among patients and families. Many of them were already ironically following our journey! The social worker we met is even sisters with Ju’s nurse, Ashley Kerr, at MD Anderson Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas. What a small world! The upside to the technology era is having the capability to snap a surprise selfie and text it to a person and surprise them before they can even blink!
While we were there, we got to partake in a dual birthday party/no mo chemo party for a little baby boy. We got to sing happy birthday and join in on his celebration (cake included!!!). We had many Ju sightings today that remind us that she is ever present! The pediatric patients are allowed to paint ceiling tiles and some stood out among the rest. We saw Fantasia Mickey and Mickey everywhere!!! We saw hearts, rainbows, and pumpkins (Ju’s favorite holiday was Halloween). But the biggest sign of all was the Mickey Mouse ceiling tile that had the name “Julia” in rainbow colored letters! Of course somebody else’s child painted that ceiling tile as it was dated 2009, but for all of you believers, you understand the sign and the meaning behind that tile. It is when and where you see things that tell you that your angel is with you. We have no doubt that Ju goes before us, behind us and with us. Today was no exception! Ju never wanted to be left out and always hated to miss the party! -Jennifer
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