Day 205: #WalkAcrossAmerica Stops in Orange, Texas

Day 205: #WalkAcrossAmerica Stops in Orange, Texas

You know you are at the right place at the right time when…

1) You show up at Community Christian School in Orange, Texas because a lady you never knew (Michelle Belcher) called a school she doesn’t know and got you a time to share with the student body who, after today, you know!!!

2) You walk in and in the first 5 minutes you meet a lady who has just been diagnosed and starting treatment for a rare form of ovarian cancer.

3) While sharing your testimony about your daughter who has a rare form of bone cancer, a young boy (10) shares that he is a cancer survivor as well!

4) An older boy sheepishly is the last to speak to us after our testimony and he confesses that he lost his dad to multiple myeloma just one year ago. He is an only child and now it is just he and his mom. He is incredibly strong and tells me it is really going to be ok.

5) The young girl whose mom has ovarian cancer comes up to give me a roll of her coins as a donation toward our foundation.

6) Another girl comes up to give me $18 that I’m sure she had saved for another reason.

7) An 11-year-old girl comes up while we are eating lunch and says, “I know how you feel. I just lost my aunt last night to cancer. We were very close.”

8) The church pastor’s wife tells me her family has been touched by cancer when she was young and she lost her father at the age of 15. She was unaware of the staggering pediatric statistics and is now moved to “go gold” in September! ‪#‎GoGold‬ ‪#‎MoreThan4‬

CCS donated $850 to the ‪#‎JuCanFoundation‬ fight against ‪#‎PediatricCancer‬ Thank you so much for the beautiful morning and for letting us know that We CAN!!!
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