Day 87: Happy Halloween – Grand Junction, Colorado

Day 87: Happy Halloween – Grand Junction, Colorado

It’s was a #JuTastic day of rest & Halloween fun for the Cobb family. We are south of Green River, Utah in our walk, but DROVE to Grand Junction, Colorado (where we will be walking through soon) to find a pumpkin patch and a chiropractor for big Jonathan’s right hip! Since St. George, it’s been ALL up hill, much of which has been on uneven pavement. We want to thank Dr. David Hansen and the staff at Brady Chiropractor Group in Grand Junction, CO for a complimentary adjustment on a busy Friday. Jonathan experienced much relief as a result! :))

We were once again a-maze-d (pun intended) at God’s timing. We couldn’t find the patch that got the best public reviews at the hotel and restaurants, so after driving for an hour, we ended up at Studt’s Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze. As we were pulling in, Jenna spotted a girl with a short pixie haircut and her family was getting in their car that had a ribbon on the back hatch. Without thinking, Jenna grabbed a brochure, hopped out, and approached them about our #WalkAcrossAmerica . Their little 9 year old girl, Cameron, was on the #TodayShow months ago for shaving her head in support of her friend, Delaney, who has been battling Neuroblastoma for the last 4 years. I had seen Cameron, Delaney, and their parents on TV and the Internet. As if perfectly orchestrated, we met them at the pumpkin patch we weren’t even planning on going to in the middle of Grand Junction, Colorado, where we were very noncommittal about driving to!

We talked passionately about the consequences of underfunding children’s cancer research and the lack of knowledgable about a very serious increasing rate of cancer in children (and adults) across America! We cried and related and spoke about how the negative action of her daughter’s school system (suspending her daughter from school for shaving her head) actually turned into an opportunity to bring about more awareness for pediatric cancer. Boy, we sure had a ton in common!

The Cobb Family is trying to take Ju’s passing and make it into an opportunity to help others who will come behind her. And, unfortunately, YES, there will be others.

This Pumpkin Patch was the BEST we have ever been to! They had 2 huge inflatable orange pumpkins to jump on, 4 slides that involved climbing bales of hay to reach the 20 ft. summit and slide down into dried corn, pony rides, chickens, pig races (all our kids got to chase and try to catch the baby pigs), corn shooting out of a cannon-type thing, a corn maze, a horse-drawn wagon hay ride, lamas, alpacas, sheep, a crazy border collie (LOL) and 2 free roaming goats who permitted me to take a selfie with them!!! I even met the aunt of the person who operates the farm and her husband passed away with pancreatic cancer. She filled out a car magnet so we could honor her husband and take him to Disney World!

This Halloween was spent with Ju in mind. We reminisced about her all day and spent the day making more memories, just the way she would want it! HAVING FUN!!! We trick-or-treated: one Ninja Turtle, one Princess Aurora from Maleficent and one Snow White♥.

Happy Halloween from the Cobb family from Grand Junction. We will be returning to Utah today
to pick up where we left off. Thanks Residence Inn for hosting the Cobb family. See you soon Colorado (on foot)!! #JuCan #Disney2Disney — with Amy Susanne Hampton. (15 photos)

Day 82: Walking for Natalia

Day 82: Walking for Natalia

Team #JuCan travelled the craziest road we’ve ever been on yesterday with canyons on both sides, no guard rails and sheer drop offs on both sides. Due to safety, Jonathan did this stretch alone (Thank God for no traffic), but he said it wasn’t near as hard as “Duodenal Cancer & a Whipple!” Although we will miss Canyonlands National Park, the scenery was just as beautiful! I believe walking was a little less scary than driving. Only the GoPro could capture the scene! This uninhabited terrain goes very under appreciated because it is not a national park, but let me say, you would have to see it to believe it! The road is hard with hairpin turns and howling winds, but nothing compares to the hardships of cancer! Cancer makes you TOUGH and we aren’t giving up until we traverse America and make some noise for the thousands of cancer children who are being ignored!


Today, we are praying and walking for Natalia who has battled Ewing’s sarcoma, the same beast that took our Ju. Natalia is having scans today and we are agreeing in prayer that she is declared NED (no evidence of disease)
#Disney2Disney #WalkAcrossAmerica #CobbFamCan #UCan @jucanfoundation

Colorado Pumpkin Patch – Larkspur, CO

Colorado Pumpkin Patch – Larkspur, CO

ColoradoCan (no we’re not there yet) :))

You will not want to miss the Colorado Pumpkin Patch (Larkspur, CO)!!! They have pumpkins, hay rides, treats, corn maze, and endless fun! John and Bengetta Chapman (owners) have been great friends of ours since we lived in Colorado a few years ago. His friendship never wavered and his commitment to prayer has set such a high precedent in our family.

Last year, John and his older daughter, Noelle, drove STRAIGHT THROUGH from Colorado to Memphis to visit Julia and our family when she was so so sick. We are still amazed that he would come and drive 16 hours one way just to say a prayer for our daughter. It’s one thing to type words on a page, send an email, or even make a phone call but it’s another to cross the country and take time off work to be there and pray in person. John and Noelle understood how sick Ju was and that she needed a miracle healing. In the two days that they were with us, they experienced an emergency trip to the hospital and seeing our baby girl (who once played on their farm and climbed trees) with pain beyond measure. The day they left Memphis, Julia experienced a significant reduction in pain from which she had previously shown no relief, despite the best painkillers!

After Ju passed away, the Chapman Family gave a selfless donation to the from their


Once again they are supporting the JuCan Foundation, while at the same time providing a first class experience for families at the pumpkin patch. #JuCan would like to donate two of our team shirts to the first person to print this post and present it to the management at the Pumpkin Patch. Please indicate size and shipping address:)))

Thank you to the Chapman family & the team at the Pumpkin Patch for supporting the Cobb family and our effort to help other hurting families. — at Colorado Pumpkin Patch.

Sharing Make-A-Wish Memories at Disney World 2013

Sharing Make-A-Wish Memories at Disney World 2013

“Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.” -Walt Disney

As we get closer to Julia’s 1st year anniversary on October 29, 2013, we will be sharing some of her Make-A-Wish/Disney World pictures from this time last year. Though we walk through tears and heavy hearts today, these pictures remind us of the beautiful angel who walks with us across America. We are a family of six, FOREVER!


We remember Julia’s courage, we remember her smile, we remember her pursuit to live life to the max, despite pain and suffering. We remember this picture, which reminds us of the “universal language,” a smile and spirit that says, “keep walking, keep moving forward!”And although the road may seem long and arduous (in more ways than one), keep listening for that still small voice that says, “If you can dream it, #JuCan do it!”

Thank you for your prayers and support on our #Disney2Disney Walk Across America for pediatric cancer. Our journey is not possible without it!

JuCan Foundation
9659 N Sam Houston Pkwy East
Suite 150 Box 239
Humble, Texas 77396