Victorville Daily Press -Victory in Victorville, CA

Victorville Daily Press -Victory in Victorville, CA

Victory in Victorville!

The Cobb family arrived on the south edge of Victorville late Wednesday. It was day 15 of our #Disney2Disney #WalkAcrossAmerica. We entered the city through a double “Ju Rainbow.” We paused, smiled, and took a moment to remember Julia. Then the kids made a beach out of the desert and played like they were back in Galveston (where we celebrated Julia’s last birthday).

Prior to leaving Houston, we traded our two vehicles with more than 300,000 miles on them (from chasing a cancer cure) for a 2008 Suburban. Given our cross-country route, we knew we would need 4 wheel drive at some point and it has already proved beneficial. Since this is our sole support/chase vehicle, we appropriately renamed it the “JuBurban.”

Day 16 brought unexpected repairs to the “JuBurban.” We have been dismayed by the 3 check engine lights, power window failure, and AC coolant leak after having the car for less than a month. Naturally, these are items “not” covered by the extended warranty:((

So we found ourselves yesterday at Rancho Motors in Victorville awaiting repairs. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Kristen, who works there, made a phone call while we were waiting, and before we could turn around, Rene from the Daily Press (Victorville) was there with two photographers to interview us! Click here to read the story. 

Rene De La Cruz was a huge encouragement to us as he wrote our story. His wife is a cancer survivor and this cause is near and dear to his heart. This is not the first story he has done on a family who has lost a child to this horrific disease. If we rally together and donate to, together we CAN find a cure for cancer- the #1 cause of death in children! Let’s make our story the last one!

“Delays in life often lead to God-given opportunities. To deny a delay, could be to deny a life-changing moment in your life!” -Jonathan Cobb

Thanks Rene and Rancho Motors for making us feel at home in Victorville! We are victors, not victims!!!
#JuCan #UCan #GodCAN #VictorvilleCan #Disney2Disney #WalkAcrossAmerica — in Victorville, CA.